Press&Co. Go Green
June 30, 2015

Our Promise


At Press&Co., we are determined to provide you with the prestige customer service and quality. Our in-house technicians will give you the best guidance for cleaning or altering your garments through their personal knowledge and experience. One of our main objectives is to go-green.

As a thoughtful family run business we are trying to transition to having a lower environmental footprint, however this will not stop our dry cleaned items being completed to the highest standards possible by doing our best to reduce the risk of colour loss or damage to the fibres. We will use the finest and safest cleaning methods available and endeavour to achieve being one of the leaders within the industry by upholding the traditions of a proactive family business.

We believe that the small things matter and there is always room for improvement! It is our promise that our staff will be helpful, professional and welcoming at all times.