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20% off with Flyer

Get 20% off when you hand this flyer back to us. This offer coincides with our Go Green and Recycling schemes so make sure you hold onto your flyers when you get one to claim this special offer!

To claim your order online, send us a picture of your flyer, along with your name and location and will send you a discount code to use at checkout. You can do this by tweeting your picture on Twitter, posting on Facebook or emailing us directly! Make sure you check your inboxes for your discount code!

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Press&Co. Go Green

You have probably noticed that green is everywhere, especially in the news, fashion and even technology.

You can hardly escape it, so why not incorporate that into our business for a sustainable future? While it's easy to get overwhelmed by the whole idea, it is also simple to begin making a positive impact.

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Our Promise

At Press&Co., we are determined to provide you with the prestige customer service and quality that you deserve.

Our in-house technicians will give you the best guidance for cleaning or altering your garments through their personal knowledge and experience.

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